Accessing the Module

Getting into Room Booking Module

Just click on Room Booking in the Indico home page, in the top dark bar.

To book rooms for your event, go to the event management page and click on the Room Booking option on the left banner. In both cases you will be asked to sign in. Use your Indico login.

The First Page

The Room Booking Module first page depends on who is logged in. For most people, it shows the site Map of Rooms that can be booked, as per the relevant menu option, on the left banner. The Book a Room option, from the same menu, shows all the bookable rooms sorted by room number, together with the room capacity and equipment available. The My Bookings menu option shows the bookings you have already made. Room managers can see bookings/blockings of rooms they manage by using the My Rooms / Room Blocking options, always on the left banner.

Room Names and filters

When you click on Book a Room on the left banner, the entire list of rooms appears, arithmetically sorted. Observe the filter possibilities offered to you on the top row of the table. There you may type a building or room number, if you have a preferred location and restrict your selection to rooms with videoconferencing equipment and/or projector, required capacity and 'privacy' to facilitate your booking process.

The default name is built in the format: "building-floor-room (location)". If the room is known by a name, then it appears as: "building-floor-room - Common Name (location)".

Examples: "304-1-001 (CERN)", "4-3-004 - TH Discussion Room (CERN)"

Three Kinds of Rooms

There are three kinds of rooms. They determine how much freedom users have.

  • Public rooms which do not require confirmation (black/green
    colour). This means all bookings are accepted.

  • Public rooms which do require confirmation (orange colour). You can
    PRE-book them and wait for acceptance or rejection.

  • Private rooms which cannot be booked at all (red colour). Only the room manager can book his/her private room. If you need such a room, you should ask this person to create a booking for you.

In the image below you can see examples of these three types of rooms: 513-R-068 is public, i.e. you can book it right away, if it is free at the time you selected. 513-1-024 is public but requires confirmation, i.e. you can pre-book it, if it is free at the time you selected and once you receive the moderator's approval, the booking will be confirmed. * 513-R-070 is private, i.e. if you try to book it, you get the message: You don't have rights to book this room

Booking rooms for single or multiple occurrence events

You may reserve a room more than Once, namely on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis. A common example is a weekly meeting (which takes place at the same time every week).

See, on the image below, once you've selected your room and declared you want to book it Weekly, how all Mondays appear darker than the other days on the calendar.