Booking a Room

The booking process consists essentially of three steps:

  • Specifying the search criteria
  • Selecting an available period
  • Confirming the reservation

In the first step you can specify the rooms, date range and time range in which you want to search for bookings. The sections and images shown so far explained how you can select a candidate room to book.

You can use some filters if you want your room to contain certain equipment, such as videoconference, Webcast, Projector, or whether it is a public room. For example, let’s look for rooms that have Videoconference, and a projector. Please observe the pronounced blue camera and projector images on the top row of the image below. Now only the rooms that have this equipment will appear from which you can try to select one.

If you have permission to book the room you selected, you should be able to see, further down in the same page, the Booking Time & date area, that we showed earlier, with a calendar, where you can easily choose the date(s) you want.

If you want to book the room for only one day, simply click on the date you want by choosing the correct month and day. You will also have to choose the time interval you want to book it for.

If instead you want to book a room for several consecutive days, weeks, or months, click on Daily, Weekly, or Monthly near Frequency. Hit Continue.

On the next page you will see a preview of the room availability for your date(s) you specified in your criteria. It looks exactly like the image we showed earlier in the Kinds of rooms section.

The green bars inform you on timeslots for which you can book this room, and other bars of other colours will show you when other users have already booked the same room.

If you are trying to book the room for multiple occurences and some of them are impossible, because the room is taken, you can still click on a green bar and Skip conflicting days to proceed with your booking for the rest of the desired period.

Select whether you want to use the room for yourself of if you are booking the room for someone else, and write down the reason for this booking. If you've skipped conflicting days, tick I understand for the slots that cannot be booked.

Finally, if the room is equipped with videoconferencing, select whether you plan to use this equipment or not.

Click on Create (pre-)booking, once you are finished.