Searching and Booking

Search and book a room

Let’s now look at how to search for an available room based on more specific criteria.

You can also search for a room based on more specific criteria. For this, click on Search rooms under Search.

Write in some room details, such as the name of the person responsible for the room, if you know it, (e.g. IT secretariat) or some equipment that you need the room to include. Otherwise leave it blank. Choose the availability, for example Available, and decide the time period you want.

Choose the number of seats you want the room to have, and then select the criteria that you want from the extensive list, for example let’s suppose we want Video conference: Vidyo

Simply click Search once you’re finished and the next page will show you a list of the rooms that match your criteria.

Click on View for more details about the room, or click on Create booking or Create pre-booking (if the room requires confirmation) and you will be directed to the page that allows you to book the room, just like we have seen before.

A Check conflicts button is also available on this view, as there might be existing bookings done by others during the period you defined.

If your booking conflicts with others, you have two options:

  • In general, it is better to resolve conflicts manually: by changing dates, hours or maybe trying another room.
  • The alternative is to automatically book everything except conflicting days. This may be useful if you do long-term, recurring booking, for example with a Weekly or Monthly frequency. Imagine everything looks perfect, except for several weeks when the room is not available. In this case check the Skip conflicting dates option to book everything except problematic dates.

Another type of search you can do is searching the bookings instead of the room based on certain criteria. To do this, click on Search bookings on the left banner.

This allows you to look at the bookings other users have made. Narrow down your search to a specific room and/or timespan, to find something suitable to your needs with least tries.

If you want to look at all the bookings for a specific date for all the rooms, simply click on Calendar from the same left banner.

If your form is correctly filled, the system will ensure your new booking does not conflict with others. When no conflicts are found, you will be shown the confirmation page which lists the details of your booking.

Click on My bookings from the menu. Your new booking now appears on the list.

Notes: Some rooms require confirmation. These rooms are usually coded in orange. In this case, you cannot directly book them. You can only pre-book such rooms. Pre-booking works exactly the same way as booking. The only difference is that you must wait for acceptance from the room manager. You can always modify your booking (or pre-booking). It will again be checked for conflicts. * You can always browse your own bookings and pre-bookings using the menu options My bookings and My pre-bookings.